My Guardian ANgel

April 4, 2009
By JenniGymnast SILVER, Antioch, Illinois
JenniGymnast SILVER, Antioch, Illinois
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You cradle me in your arms, and hold me tighter than you did before.
Look- into these eyes, believe, and put faith in me...
Don't worry- about the future, take one day at a time.
Take me, as I am-
LUCKY and BLESSED to of now found you.
I let my guard down, you cradle me, as a tear falls...
you pull me closer-and hole me even tighter-

I flash back to a night unmentionable- I start to tremble as I share...
Raining, Thunder, Windy, Cold-it was all to ugly
But when I opened the door, I saw beyond ugly.
I saw him laying on the floor
surrounded, surrounded in blood.

I thought to myself, why?
What did I do?
I'm so sorry...?

I thought we had something special-
18 months down to the day,
down to the hour...
Besides YOU, he was the only one to know

I need you to swear, swear to me that you'll never let me go.
Because looking into your eyes,
I don't know, It just makes my day brighter.

There past days- you made me forget my troubles
I just can't explain...
I know you love me as much as I love you
And I hope you need me as much as I need you?

I'll be here
by your side...
as you look out above me

I'm going nowhere...

I'm happy and regardless of what happens,
I want to be your friend
now and forever
Until the end of time!

Loving you always =]

The author's comments:
I wrote this "poem" to help me cope and vent with losing a friend to suicide. I knew this friend for 10 years and was dating him for 18 months and came home to him laying dead on the floor.

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