The Fire

March 24, 2009
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I blankly stare at a wall of orange and black
The heat burns easily through my yellow jacket
As it runs towards me with unstoppable rage
My heart rate screeches to a halt
I am filled with endless fear
Yes, fear
I have never seen anything like this in my life
The ocean of flame pursues me
Like a hungry shark
Wanting to devour every piece of me
I am begging for more air
But this black haze keeps growing
I am looking for that cylinder of life
My arms search left and right
Trying, trying, trying to find it
I feel a huge bump
I gaze to my right
As the tube of survival falls
To the ground
I jump off the monstrous fire truck
To retrieve my lost item
Glowing ashes begin to shower upon me
Finally, I have reached my only source of air
I take deep unforgettable breaths
I forget about the wave that is about to pounce
I climb back on top of the mammoth-like truck
To see the wave advancing ever closer
I launch out
I glance back at the bush fire with amazement
The beauty
So stunning it is
Yet so destructive
And fearsome

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