True Freedom

May 15, 2009
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What is it that makes a Man free?
Is it the land in which he is born?
Is it the tongue in which he speaks?
Or the religion in which he believes?

Look at that bird flying outside!
Is the bird truly free to fly where he pleases?
Or does the wind control where he goes?

Does the phrase “free as a bird” really stand true?
Am I free to do as I please?
If I break a law do I truly lose my “freedom”?

My Mind they cannot take.
My Will to do as I please may be taken.
My Freedom to travel where I wish may be destroyed.
But my Mind they cannot take.

They can try to take my thoughts
And force theirs upon me,
But as Elizabeth the First said,
“One cannot believe what one is forced to believe.”

In my Mind, I can travel wherever I wish.
I can think however I like.
I am always free in my own mind.

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