Broken Bridge

May 15, 2009
I walk across this broken bridge praying the fall won’t bring the end
Your words are where my life is hinged
Hanging in the balance of where we are and where we’ve been
Perilously I tiptoe over this stream of hate
So much more dangerous than it seems
So much darker than my dreams
I’ll pretend it doesn’t hurt when I slip into the deep
When I fall in to the darkness my soul will simply sleep
The whisper of dread I heard has grown into a scream
The smallness I have felt is part of a larger scheme
So much bigger than myself these struggles make me live
So much simpler it would be if this bridge would finally give
I could fall apart no one else would have to know
An accident of recklessness is all that would show
I try to have plenty strength but I have not enough for this
I hold my hand out to you, you betray me for a kiss
You kiss it tastes of poison just enough to let me slip
Call it suicide I say accidental death my intentions were to live
But my intentions brought me death

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