A True Friend

May 15, 2009
When I came in I had so much fear
When I came in I didnt want to be seen
When I came in I wanted to disappear
Cause everyone in here was being mean

I wanna runaway and not be found
I wanna run until its the end
I was found, i didnt make a sound
And this is what you told me, "I am your friend."

You told me that I have a choice
I came with you cause you sounded so sweet
I might be in love with your voice
Yor warmth, you have brought the heat

This is what I said, "I am a different girl."
Everyone is always mean and rude
I didn want to go back to that world
I think I would be different if I was a dude

In that world I feel the pain
The shouting, the yeling and the driking
In that world it will never change
When they hurt people, I wonder what their thinking

But when I entered that world with you
I didnt fear I didnt runaway again
All that I did was thank you
You helped me, you are a true friend

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