When the World Was Ok

May 14, 2009
By Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
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When the world was ok, or at least you thought, my darling. A darling of words you thought my darling. But what good enough could ever bend so tough to scald beneath the rough? Has it not enough yet? I have. Too much in fact, for once is enough, but triple to stab my back? Just so easy, too easy for you my sweet, the sweets keep coming in. But so hard to catch as it wastes all my breath. So easy for you but as you proceed maybe; consider I’m parting to death.

I used to feel warm but flames settled in to burn away that haven. When the world was ok, you could settle the streets and leave an early one. You wait too long these days, old might outlive young.
When I felt like leaving and all was deceiving, a place to escape; a coiled bundle screaming in silence. One single whisper one tangled with love forsook all the rage and dumped it, like me.

When I fell in sorrow being no tomorrow, lest I looked forward to borrow that sacred sorrow. Hail morrow, hail morrow. When no one sees the shower, bring on the rain oh bring on the rain to see what colors stand clear in the rain.
Oh when it was.
Oh when I could taste the snow so bitter and cold, not slush or frozen to the tongue. Not sharp as the frost. When clouds went aglow those friends had no foes and pain disappeared between the toes.
I know, when the world was ok.

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