Playing With Words

May 14, 2009
By Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
Gena McMahon GOLD, Rochester, New York
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Can’t stop the heat, because I can’t stop your heart
From beating with mine all the time
We save for us, and that which we save for ourselves
To hold and to cherish with an eye for an eye and a vein for a vein
That pumps the time left spent with you
Is so magical.

So don’t leave, I can’t stop this pleasure so don’t start this pain
Lingering whenever you stand by that door
And you come inside to stay for a while
With me.

Sleep isn’t forever but it sure could be
Special when you’re the one
By my side every time
My cheek slips on to yours
It feels like I’m dead
When you take my breath away.

Can’t stop the love, because I can’t stop the envy
For anyone else in the room, it doesn’t appeal as much
To me when all I see is what can be tomorrow?
Can it be a brand new day.

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