May 14, 2009
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If I shall fall past my steps, deep into the waters’ depths, yonder blue, yonder more, where I have never felt before.
Raise my feet above the sky and put me back in my place; the narrow path beyond the sky that shows the future fait.
Cleanse my hands along with sin if I shall plunge into the depths within.
Hear my voice, hear my call, save me guardian, without you I am nothing, at all.
One step closer to my fall, tracing forward past them all. Lion’s courage shine’s in my face, as my followers bow down their heads with grace.
Toes edging off the cliff, arms are numb and I’m starting to slip. If I shall fall beyond my steps deep into the waters’ depths, will you catch me if I fall?
I’m going under, do you hear my call?

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