My Best Friend

May 14, 2009
By alex gasser BRONZE, Gretna, Louisiana
alex gasser BRONZE, Gretna, Louisiana
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Carly is my best friend,
She will be with me until the end,
No matter what I say,
She always knows the way,
I love her so dearly,
And she loves me yearly.

Carly is crazy and kooky,
And sometimes a little spooky,
She has brown hair,
With eyes to match,
Wow, she is really a catch.

Car is smart and loving,
And caring too,
Her favorite food is grilled cheese,
And she always tells the world when she has to sneeze,
She is an active member of CLC and softball,
When she has troubles, she will give me a call.

I love her so very much,
And she loves me too,
Even when I have the Flu,
Carly will be my best friend,
Even ‘till the very end.

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