Mixed Emotions

May 14, 2009
By Grace Carmichael BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
Grace Carmichael BRONZE, Brentwood, Tennessee
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Just because I’m angry
Doesn’t mean I’m mad.
Just because I’m smiling
Doesn’t mean I’m happy.

If I’m injured
Does that mean I’m hurt?
If I’m crying
Does that mean I’m sad?

Just because I’m sweating
Doesn’t mean I’m hot.
Just because I’m shivering
Doesn’t mean I’m cold.

If I’m lonely
Does that mean I’m broken?
If I’m sleeping
Does that mean I’m tired?

Just because I’m losing
It’s not because I’m lost.
If I’m a winner
Is it because I win?

Why feel the same?
Why be the same?
Why feel like every one else?
Why act like everyone else?

It may be different.
It may be weird,
But it’s normal.
It isn’t wrong.

Words say something.
They don’t explain.
If you feel something,
Why put a word to it?

Show it.
Feel it.
Act it.
Know it.

You might feel like
You are alone.
Like no one
Understands you.

People are with you.
Any emotion.
Happy. Sad.
People are with you.


Every one is going
Through the same emotions.
Through the same steps.
Through the same words.

Don’t be afraid
It’s okay.

Don’t hold back.
Don’t be some one your not.
Don’t be the emotion your not.
Don’t fake the emotions.

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