For You, Whomever You May Be

May 14, 2009
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I wish I could give you the sky, and all the stars found shining in it.
If I gave you the sky, I could prove myself worthy of you.
I would do the impossible, and I would only do it as a result of your happiness and appreciation for me.
Let's be honest, I wouldn't just give you the sky and the stars.
I would give you all that exists if it were possible.
In my opinion, you deserve even more than that.
You could never fully understand my love for you, and how much you mean to me.
How I wish I could explain it, even show you how I feel.
This love, this feeling burns inside of me, igniting flames that could have the devil in an envious rage.
The colors from the flames are beautiful and yet frightening, intimidating but keep you wanting more.
Love is a scary thing, and for that, I am forever terrified with you.
At the same time, I've never felt so protected and safe.
Your arms, when they are around me, tight and warm, I am lost in another world.
Nothing else matters but the moment.
Nothing else matters but you and I, and what we may become.

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