May 14, 2009
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She says “You’re my BFF,”
Though she doesn’t really see
A best friend isn’t just someone
Who will talk to me.

“Then what’s a friend?” she asks
And I whisper in her ear
“A friend is someone that
You can only find in here.”

As I pointed to my heart
She stared at me blankly
“I don’t see how that’s possible,”
She pouted at me, frankly.

She will never see that true friends
Are part of who you are
They are one in a million,
Your own personal shining star.

They light up your world
And brighten the worst of days
Because love shines ten times brighter
Than the sun’s brightest rays.

But you are their star, too
So it’s important that you know
You'll be in their heart forever
Love will continuously grow.

People use the word “forever”
Just like they use the word “hello”
But forever is a lifetime
And that’s how long friends go.

Forever is each day and night
Each day at school in class
Forever we will be friends
And so, forever we will last.

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