To Those Who Have Stayed

May 14, 2009
By Elisabeth Chubb BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
Elisabeth Chubb BRONZE, Santa Monica, California
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I don’t know what to say
My pen is moving
But there are no words
Please tell me what to say
For my own
I dare not say
This beat in my ear
Not letting go
Sweet hands
Grasp my body
Yet hardly touching
Like my body will break at any moment
Moist lips
Fit mine
Like there might be fields of lushes’ mouth-watering godiva
The words I hear
Do not appear
This feeling does not disappear
Dark green eyes
Explore my tame blue eyes
Speaking without words
I have no words
Those eyes
Those green eyes
Full of mystery
And truth
They explore
Ready to hold on
Soon the sun will rest
Morning dew
Will soon appear
The cold crisp air
Wanders through the open window
My eyes flutter open
I remember
My heart starts beating hard
I shut my eyes
Hoping it wasn’t a dream
Those moist lips
I taste
My tame blue eyes open
To be engulfed by green
That promise of staying
No longer needed to be a dream
I smile
My soul complete
These are my words
To those who stayed

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