May 14, 2009
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Maybe if I could just
Give my pen one brisk click,
Graffiti this crisp new paper
With the endless words my mind holds captive
In its sharp and disciplined claws,
I could find some way to write
A story of truth.

Maybe if I could just
Emerge from this living dream
This numb enslavement, the captive folds
Of routine and laws and opinion
I could awaken and breathe again
I could teach my eyes to open and see once more
My sleeping surroundings.

Maybe if I could just
Teach myself to feel lightweight
Remove the shackles from my wrists
The binding snares of trust and distrust
I could climb slowly to my feet
And once again trust my legs to take me
On a journey.

Maybe if I could just
Shed from myself these layers of defense
Opened my secluded mind up to ideas
To ideas and truth and value
I could steadily warm my ears to hearing
Not empty words but true life, I could not only hear;
I could listen.

Maybe if I could just
Be less of others
Be more of myself
Maybe I could write, I could see, I could walk, I could listen
Maybe if I convinced myself that I wasn’t alone
I could open my mouth, and breathe in the air
Maybe if I
I could communicate.

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