My First Time Overseas

May 14, 2009
Walking off that plane
Hearing different languages
Not knowing about this place
Called Amsterdam

Sitting on that train
Watching the scenery pass me by
Wondering what it was like
During World War II

Walking down that street
Sitting by the canal
Looking around the corner
To see the Anne Frank Huis

Walking in that room
Seeing those black curtains
Thinking about Anne Frank
And those pictures on that wall

Seeing that picture
Made me cry
Thinking about being left alone
Like Otto Frank was

Looking out that window
Trying to imagine what Anne
Saw out that same window
Until she was gone

Leaving that huis
Seeing the line
Wishing that they will
Love that house, too

Back on that train
Scenery leaving me
Saying goodbye
To dear Amsterdam

Back on that plane
Leaving for Hungary
Saying goodbye
To those windmills in the sea

Still on that plane
Leaving that place
Where I first traveled
Over the seas.

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