A Memory For the Ages

May 14, 2009
By guid555 SILVER, Menlo Park, California
guid555 SILVER, Menlo Park, California
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A terrible time and a terrible man,
6 million died, millions more ran.
Families vanishing, families divided,
These people were to blame, a nation decided.
How could this happen, how could this be,
“well”, a man replied, “I didn’t want them to take my family from me”
People would sob, and people would cry,
Just as a bomb would fall out of the sky.
A nation on its final leg,
Looked to the stars and began to beg.
Who caused this, who can we blame,
This terrible man arose and inside them lit a flame.
With fiery words, and great big speeches,
He said, “blame them they’re the leeches.”
They stole your money, they stole your job,
So gather them up, put them together in a mob.
And in came the trucks and a swish.
These people were gone, these people were Jewish.

The author's comments:
I am a German born, American raised, and my grandparents lived during this time. I was inspired to write it after a discussion with my mom about her parents during this time.

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