Miror Mirror

May 14, 2009
By UndertheSea BRONZE, Evanston, Illinois
UndertheSea BRONZE, Evanston, Illinois
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Where to begin
Lighter than light brown skin
Look at me again
Tell me what you see
Stare into my eyes
Brown eyes
Are you mesmerized?
After all they’re just brown eyes
But do you see who I am on the inside
You see me on the outside
Flaws and all
You don’t take a chance to see who I really am
Behind these eyes
Chocolate brown eyes

Behind these eyes
A crouching tiger lies
I follow my prey
Day by day
But in the end those dreams fade away
And on to another I stray
My actions are but embers
Not much to remember
My thoughts are the fire
Initiated with desire
Burning in my mind
Thoughts of all kind
But to say them out loud, no I’m too shy
But these thoughts of fire
Burning with desire
Circulate my mind until I retire

Behind these eyes
The piano of life
Plays a song from a symphony
The keys, each one has its own melody
A melody
That’s tellin me
What’s meant to be
My destiny?
Then I begin to think
Is death apart of that destiny
Or is it an obstacle one is afraid to come to
Face it no one actually wants to
Death is something preferred not to cross
But I’m boss
At least over my own piano
None of my keys are, nor will be, at a loss
Of that melody
For my destiny

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