Freestyle #3 The Trilogy

May 14, 2009
By Nick Swietlik SILVER, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
Nick Swietlik SILVER, Cedarburg, Wisconsin
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Pass the ball, run the court shoot shoot and score.
I’m such a b-baller I could holler to the Packers kick like Neil Rackers.
Win back to back to back to back super bowls with out any slack.
I am on track to lead the pack to win the championship.
All I have do is take some pads off the rack and attack my opponent.
After we win they know we the best but they just aren’t gonna show it.
My teammates say I’m like a chrome little gnome flying here to Rome in the off season.
My hair is so good I don’t even need a comb.
I am so busy I barely have time to stop home.
They go to Indy and win at the Dome.
Next thing you know I’m in Tampa putting on a show.
But when the end is nearing and the fans are cheering and we are crushing.
I’m just brushing off my cleats, letting my enemies taste defeat.

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