Nerf Wars

May 14, 2009
By Anonymous

The signal has been fired.
The Nerf war has begun.
I insert my last bullet into my N-strike Firefly.
I engage into battle,
Teammates close behind.
The door slams open.
Bullets fly.
Everyone evades for cover.
Five hits and you’re out.
A bullet pierces my shoulder.
Hit one.
I shoot three times and dive behind a nearby couch.
I grasp some nearby bullets and reload my gun.
Quickly, I reengage into battle.
Our team establishes an attack.
We burst open the door.
The guns are fired from both teams.
Our first opponent is out.
Another enemy wields an automatic.
Bullets whisk through the air towards us.
Our team has no cover.
Hit two.
My teammates’ health levels are critically low.
Our opponents charge straight at us.
Two of my teammates are eliminated.
I grab one of their guns.
I fire at my opponents,
Firepower being twice as efficient.
I forget to block and take a blow to the chest.
Hit three.
I scoop up a handful of loose bullets and fall back to load my guns.
The enemy team launches a rocket,
Knocking down another man.
I finish pumping my gun.
My last teammate and I charge over enemy lines.
We fire rapidly, and all but one of our opponents is killed.
He has reloaded his automatic.
We are under heavy fire.
Hit four.
This is our last chance to win.
I jump and shoot, but he has fired first.
I drop to the ground, defeated.
Yet, my bullet still flies, striking my last opponent and finishing him.
My last teammate still stands.
My sacrificial act has won the Nerf war.

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