May 14, 2009
By KatieCL BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
KatieCL BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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I have felt him collapse before the administers of fate.
I have ridden in the ambulance with the terrified new paramedic.
I have seen the heart stop thudding in the hands of the surgeon.
I have felt the tears of the widow crying over the dead man’s corpse.

I have felt the heart break of a first love lost.
I have seen the girl crumble to the floor at his feet.
I have felt the pain of the lonely girl alone in her room.
I have heard the dry sobs tear through her throat.

I have seen explosions kill hundreds.
I have seen the flag risen at half-mast.
I have seen the soldiers approach the dead man’s door.
I have seen the face of the terrified mother.

I am the pain of those who weep.
I am the bullet that pierced his chest.
I am the knife that stabbed her back.
I am the dead heart that is being forced to beat.

I live in the shadows.
I live inside you.
I am every where.
I will touch everyone.
I am pain.
I am red.

The author's comments:
The pain that my school, country, and family have experienced in the past years inspired me to write this poem.

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