Don't Say What I Can't

May 14, 2009
By KathrynSinn SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
KathrynSinn SILVER, Edmonds, Washington
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You sit there telling me what I can’t do
Refusing to hear my side
You tell me I can’t decide for myself
That you know what is best for me
You act like you know me
Like you are inside my head
But you have no idea

You tell me I’m making mistakes
Never supporting my decision
You don’t allow me to move on
You continue to hold me back

You try to talk me out of it
But your tricks won’t work this time
I’ve made my choice
And you better learn to accept that

I’m working toward my future
I’m making something of myself
Whether you understand it or not

I’m done playing your game
I’m fed up with the conversations
There’s no reasoning with you

You choose to not see the better of this
That this is an opportunity that I’m lucky to have
I have a chance to get away from the drama
The conflict of the close minded
And I’m not passing this up

I’m old enough to decide for myself
You are not someone with the right to tell me I’m not
I am a capable adult and educated soul
You have no right to tell me I can’t do something

I’ve moved on from your stupidity and rudeness
I’m no longer interested in your points
I’m ignoring your so called reasoning
For there is not need for me to care

Just because you choose to tell me no
Doesn’t mean I have to listen
Just because you choose to be close minded
Doesn’t mean I can’t be open
Just because you don’t like something
Doesn’t mean others can’t

Don’t say what I can’t
Don’t tell me what I’m not
Because I have the knack of proving to people like you
That I’m everything I want to be
And that your one can’t are several “I can’s” to me

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