the last words

May 14, 2009
By Christopher Taylor BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
Christopher Taylor BRONZE, Cleburne, Texas
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The winds pick up as the sailor stares out into the open sea.
The burning sunset digging into the sea's enormous glee.
As he looks into the sky with his tear filled eyes.
He listens closely to the waves.
Trying to hear his true loves voice.
A storm he sees in the distance, yet nothing is to be feared.
all is calm in the waters he has just cleared.
as the sun is engulfed by the horizon of dark blue death.
The Sailor falls upon his knees.
"What can be done for this night of reckoning?
All hope is lost my dear Rosilene.
Our love shall be torn by this wave of death,
All that can be done is prayer by the crest.
Is that your voice I hear?
Off in the distant clear?
This Sea is coming for my life,
And i know that nothing can be right.
I love you my dear Rosilene.
The sea will tear us apart
Though my love for you will always stand without reckoning.

The author's comments:
life is unimaginably random. you could be happy one and have something precious taken from you the next. make sure to always let everything close to you know how how much they mean to you. life is random

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