Entertainting Complaining

May 13, 2009
By Caitlin Brimer BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
Caitlin Brimer BRONZE, Metairie, Louisiana
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Homework this week is to write a quick and clever ode
But I cannot rhyme much better than a deaf toad.
I sit and ponder poetry for days
And wonder why my head is filled with a thick haze.
I try to conjure up an attention-grabbing subject
But that does nothing but fill me with fear in this project.
I say to myself, “I will fail if I do not think of a witty rhyme
And all too soon I will be running out of time!”
My teacher will think, “She used to be exceedingly unique,
But now her writing is awfully plain and bleak.”
I am baffled and bamboozled; if only there was a way out!
No more can I hide behind my wall of doubt.
I put my pen to my paper and realize there is nothing to write,
But then I had a brain wave that was certain to excite.
All this time I was in such a fret
But now I can write a poem that no one will forget.
I swiftly write down every part of my complaining
Who knew whining could be this entertaining!
In a few shorts days I proudly turn in my rhyme
But come to find, I had not submitted it on time.

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