that moment

May 13, 2009
By Stephanie Goff SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Stephanie Goff SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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No one ever tells you
When you “truly love” someone
But it’s at that exact moment
When your heart sinks to the
Very pit of your nervous tummy
And you lose every breath
That you have left in your lungs
And you close your eyes
It’s at that exact moment
When you know
Yet you never know how long its going to last
But you cant’ question it
And it’s in that exact moment
It was the first time I said it,
I love you, and I mean it.

No one ever tells you
What the “happiest place on earth” is
Until you’re there
Its at that exact moment
When your hand finally leaves
Your mothers
And you run
Thinking of holding Minney Mouse’s hand
And how Pluto’s big wet tongue
Slobbering all over your innocent face,
Would feel like
Its when you truly understand what
The “happiest place on earth” is
When your daddy’s little girl title
Goes away, because you know
How it feels to be on your own,
And you’re sure of it.

No one ever tells you
How many nights are going to be spent
With your tiny little hand clutching your blankets
Leaving your identity imprinted in the cracks and crevices
Of your only security
From the shouting of your parents
Down the hall
How not to blame yourself
For your parents mistakes
For them leaving eachother
When there is so much you want to scream
Out to the world, and tell them
How much its hurting inside,
And how that one knife
Is repeatedly driven into your
“handle with care” heart
Then tossed around with no care
Until it finally shatters
Into a million pieces-pieces that cannot be put together
And its at that exact moment
When you realize that this is no fairy tale
Your happy ending is non-existent
So you begin writing your own
Your own beginning, middle, and end
To your story.

And no one EVER tells you
How your life is going to end up,
How your going to feel at the end
If your going to be okay
And its at that exact moment
When you finally understand
Why life works the way it does.

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This article has 1 comment.

on May. 20 2009 at 2:46 am
icguf615 BRONZE, Mission Viejo, California
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I'm not ure I agree with every thing you propose here, but it was emotional and well written.


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