to feel real

May 13, 2009
By Hell*Butterfly BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
Hell*Butterfly BRONZE, Spring Valley, California
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The real me:
Is the dark painted girl in a corner
The last colored pencil that just wouldn’t fit right
The inkblot that marred a once pristine page
The cloud whose shape you can’t figure out
The charcoal pencil beyond use
The tear soaked tissue that missed the trash
The presence you feel but can’t catch
The wind that whispers secrets
The rain that caresses your cheeks
The tree branch that casts shapes and frightens you at night
The dress the twirls unknowingly seductive
The heart that breaks and mend regularly
The quiet before the storm
The waves crashing on the bluffs
The leaf that dances on the pavement
The inkless pen that always seems to appear in your hand
All the little things that seem insignificant
I wanna be the things that
you take notice of and remember forever
the brightly painted red lips of a woman
the sign of your favorite restaurant
the intrically designed t shirt
the name of a crush, a lover, a friend
the shadow of doubt
the essence of love
the feeling of fear
the sound of a favorite song
the smell after rain
the sight of loved ones
the beautiful blue sky behind a cloudy day
the comet you happen to catch
the first shooting star you wished upon
the first feeling of wonder, disappointment
the first kiss
the first love
the first heart break
the first anything
but alas,
I am not these things
The things that you remember forever
Even after death
The things that can make life a dream
For I am the things
You don’t notice
The tiny, seemingly insignificant
Things that prove your alive
I may not be stand-outish in my ways,
But in other ways
I am more essential
In order for people
To feel real

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