Not A Clue What To Do

May 13, 2009
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I got home late one evening.
Tired and ready for some sleep,
I climbed into my comfy and cozy bed,
Shut my eyes and was ready to fall asleep.

Until I suddenly remembered
My poem is due tomorrow.
Being a procrastinator,
I had yet to even start writing it.
I immediately jumped out of my soft bed
Trying to think of anything and everything I could possibly write about.

My mind raced.
What if I wrote about my friends? Family? Sports?
But nothing seemed to be the right topic…
I had not a clue what to do.

I tried to brainstorm like my teacher said I was supposed to,
Yet I got nothing…
Apparently, my brain had decided to stop working on me.
It had chose to give up on me
Just when I had needed it most…
I thought to myself,
I guess it can take the blame when I get an F
It will be all its fault that I
I had not a clue what to do.

Becoming impatient,
I was on the verge of quitting and
Going back to my comfy bed
When I suddenly got an idea!
Why not write about my failure in
Coming up with a brilliant writing idea?
So there you have it.
A poem all about when
I had not a clue what to do.

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