i think this is poetry

May 13, 2009
By Anonymous

In any situation, in any banquet, in any stream. Through the emotions you cannot even describe the feelings of; We all get shut down, and we all face some conflicts, but only some can overcome them.

Do not look in lust, and do not look ahead. Before you find yourself so very dead. While reading a book, we make our way, to the day we walk in vain.

Some may listen, but most only hear. For the problems to simply disappear. Walk to talk, to choose to listen. Hear the sound of her voice glisten.
Acknowledge the sound of her weep, before you yourself falls fast asleep.

Water comes and flowers grow. Feelings spread and feelings show. To be continued, as of I, to be remembered after the day i die. So open that book, to begin another; To spread those cheers to your faithful other.

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