Heartbreak Party

May 13, 2009
By Spashleylove BRONZE, Stroud, Oklahoma
Spashleylove BRONZE, Stroud, Oklahoma
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I'm walking through halls.
People all around,
smashed up against walls.
No familiar face to be found.

I nod as I walk
past people I hardly know.
Laugh as they talk,
drunkenness starting to show.

I hear familiar laughter,
so I turn around.
Though I wish I hadn't after
I saw who was to be found.

Our eyes lock.
I can no longer breathe.
I think I'm in shock.
All I want to do is leave.

Before I can react.
Your right here.
I'm not grasping fact,
there's to much fear.

You conjure pain,
I had skillfully repressed.
Tears come like rain.
Instantly I'm depressed.

Gently you take me,
lightly by my hips.
Leaning in carefully,
as you capture my lips.

I know I shouldn't,
but still I do;
it's foolish to think I wouldn't,
react this way with you.

I finally find,
my lost voice.
Though my mind,
still can't make it's choice.

When our kiss ends,
our eyes lock again.
Through my body it sends,
shock waves of pain.

I finally clear my head.
Uttering one word,
"no", so quietly said.
I'm not even sure you heard.

You lean in once more.
Capturing my lips,
knees buckling toward floor,
My stomach doing flips.

You walk away,
but then you look back.
"Goodbye", is all you say.
Causing my heart to crack.

I throw down,
shot after shot.
Upturning my frown.
I've finally forgot.

I enjoy strangers company,
no longer searching unknown places.
Happy in this drunken cacophony,
I'm done looking for faces.

I've repressed my pain.
I will deal with it tomorrow,
because tonight no rain,
will show my sorrow.

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