Searching for Stars

May 14, 2009
By Felexir SILVER, Henderson, New York
Felexir SILVER, Henderson, New York
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I see you
Staring expressionless at the sky
Determined to see your destiny
I ask why
You answer what, as if I
An intelligent man
Was incapable of seeing the
Importance of life
Your pale face stares ahead
And I follow your gaze
Your voice was full of wonder
“I’m searching for stars.”

I am alone
Death lingers the air
Product of disease
Takes away one so beautiful
So wondrous
I close up
Depressed and walk
Around the garden
Where you once told me
As if I should look through
Your beautiful eyes
“I’m searching for stars.”

I open up
I see you staring expressionless at the sky
In my dreams
So realistic
But yet so far away
Yours and my son
Sits next to me
Sees me staring at the sky
He asks why
And I answer what
“I’m searching for stars,” I say
But in reality, I’m looking for you.

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