Scar Tissue

May 8, 2009
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“SCAR TISSUE” Liz Zezula

He writes
Slashing out phrases
Phrases that don’t cut deep enough
For the pain she caused

He sits
Starring silently
At the ceiling
He was thinking about the final words.

He wants sleep
He uses it as an oasis from pain

His brown eyes look
Surrounded by the bruised circles
Circles from lack of
Sleep. Lack of

The hair began
To fall softly in
Front of his hard,
Chiseled face
Past his thinning cheek

The lines on his face—deep
Like the cracks in the sidewalks

Sidewalks they walked down together
And now walks with a black shadow.
She is gone
Now he is
Feels like

Get a hold!
He grabs hold of reality and
Pulls himself back in

The cuts are deep
And forever will lay a scar
But the wound heals with
New skin
New hope
A new beginning

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Miss_May1312 said...
May 19, 2009 at 2:35 am
amazingly written. As a cutter in the past i must say you have caught the exact feeling of cutting sometimes and written it wonderfully magically almost.
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