Goodbye Today

May 13, 2009
By LizzK PLATINUM, Sullivan, Wisconsin
LizzK PLATINUM, Sullivan, Wisconsin
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I'm angry with myself
There's so many things I can't do
But only one I won't live through
And that's being without you

I realize it's not your fault
That I'm not what you need
But lying here alone tonight
Is really killing me

My friends say just let you go
He doesn't deserve you
But they don't comprehend
How that's so totally untrue

I see the girls you like
And they truly are not me
So I change myself today
Because that's who I want to be

You're walking away now
And I won't see you again
Close my eyes to stop the tears
Because you slipped right through my hands

Why can't I be perfect
Someone other than me
Standing in front of this mirror
I'm not who I want to see

I wish that I could tell you
The million things I have to say
But I'll let you walk away
Because you won't hear them anyway

You're tossing off your cap
And sliping off the gown
I'm standing out of sight
As you drive out of the town

Goodbye my love
I'll miss you
I just wanted to say
I love you now, today, and that's how it will always stay

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem for a guy that I liked who was about to graduate from High School. He never knew my name but was a huge inspiration!

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