It girl

May 13, 2009
By BRONZE, Hastings, New York BRONZE, Hastings, New York
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It Girl
It girl has everything
She didn’t earn any of it herself

It girl she gets anything because daddy’s rich
Money can’t buy love

It girl she walks into a room and all eyes go on her
Everyone’s trying to find something wrong with her

It girl gets all the guys
They use her like a tissue then dispose of her no hard feelings right

It girl has all the beautiful clothes
She still thinks she ugly and fat

It girls so pretty you want to poke your eyes out
Makeup can make anyone pretty its what’s inside that counts

It girl has all the friends that are just so tight
They all hate her and tell everyone her biggest secrets

It girl picks on everyone and everything
Just so no one will pick on her

It girl is just like you and me nothing special. In twenty years she will be old sad and lonely because her rich husband likes the secretary at work. . She will be addicted to botox who’s the It girl now.

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