Frozen Love

May 13, 2009
By joseph khan BRONZE, Mahopac Falls, New York
joseph khan BRONZE, Mahopac Falls, New York
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Chapter 1: Girl in the Water

A woman frozen in the lake.

She drowned in the water.
This is her stake,
For the man that caught her.

Murder she wrote.
Winter froze her.
So she’s as dead as a coat.
Leaving he said ‘Good day, sir.’

No money in her pockets.
No name to her face.
Wide open eye sockets.
She now moves at no pace.

Chapter 2: Boy from the Village

Strange boy has no one.
No friends at his side.
He wants it all to be done.
A one way ride.

No one as his aid.
He awaited for someone.
Nothing to live so he wants to fade.
He has next to none.

He took a trudge to the lake.
Frozen water he tread.
The loneliness was not fake.
Below him a corpse in red.

He looked and saw her.
No pupils and blue eyes gazed at him.
Something began to stir.
For once it didn’t seem dim.

He saw her skin of lace.
He had a stir of emotion.
A love he is to chase.
His sin, his devotion.

He loves the lady in the water.
Why if she is dead?
He loved her.
No sound, nothing said.

Chapter 3: Flowers

He came the next day.
He came with flowers,
And nothing to say.
All during the winter showers.

Her pale lips kissed against the thick ice.
He put the flowers on the woman in red.
This love had its price,
For his love was dead.

He knew that she was,
As dead as the grave.
He did it because,
She was something to save.

She was the most beautiful thing to be seen.
Her loved her.
It was all part of his scheme,
Yet was beginning to grow distant as a blur.

Chapter 4: Distant from Death

Winter is coming to its end.
One thing to do.
One last thing to send.
Looking at the body ‘It’s just you.’

The ice has melted.
He picked her body out.
Nothing else could contend.
He wanted to shout.

He brought her to a grave.
They were to stay forever.
This is the way he would save,
Him and her together.

He placed her soft body on the ground.
He placed his lips on the girls’.
Between them nothing was bound.
They were as white as pearls.

He moved the dirt on her with him in it.
Holding her hand,
He took a sit.
He pulled out a gun so bland.

One bullet in its clip.
He shot himself,
And let the blood drip.
No longer he sung ‘all by myself.’

Her lips now red,
With his blood.
No longer did he dread.
He hid under no hood.

She had warmth thanks to him.
He had a woman that took his breath away.
No longer were the chances slim,
To lay alone and decay.

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