Illegal Death

May 13, 2009
By Alec Dmowski BRONZE, Eden Praire, Minnesota
Alec Dmowski BRONZE, Eden Praire, Minnesota
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In a society where euthanasia was considered very bad.
There lived one heart-broken man dubbed Brad.
On one particular day, Brad fell from the sky.
His intention was clear he wanted to die.
Yet a loan civilian found him lying there.
The civilian said he could help, he could give him care.
Yet Brad said “I want to embrace death.”
When questioned by the civilian, he answered “Because of Beth!”
She had left him for another man.
So he just ran.
Out the window he fell.
And that was now his story to tell.
He handed the civilian a gun and held it to his head.
He screamed “Do it, I want to be dead.”
The civilian in mercy for Brad’s pain, shot.
He left the Brad’s body there to rot.
Later that day, the police broke into the civilian’s home.
They locked him in jail where he was not free to roam.
When interrogated he said it was because of Brad’s pain.
The chief called it a false story and said the civilian did it, in vain.
They gave him a sentence, jail till he died.
His family went to see him, but they couldn’t speak, they could only cry.
They named him the craziest maniac of the year.
In jail he was made fun of by all his peers.
One day in the future when he was eighty-four.
He was diagnosed with cancer and decided he didn’t want to live anymore.
After six years of suffering from being ill.
His body gave up and lost all its will.
A final thought before dying sadly
Should he have saved that poor man Bradley?

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