I could cry

May 13, 2009
By Haley McClain BRONZE, Rye, Texas
Haley McClain BRONZE, Rye, Texas
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I could cry
Another tear
I could hide
From another fear
I could act
As if I'm fine
Even though
You're not mine
I could cry out
For your touch
But I love
You way too much
I could cry
To ease my pain
But it's the pain
That keeps me sane
I could cry
Another tear
Another laugh
To hide my fear
I could cry
For just a friend
But that wont fix that
We had to end
I could cry
these tears of shame,
But even they
can't end this game
I could cry,
But it's not fair
To end the love
We used to share
Remember dear,
I could cry,
But without you
I'd rather die.

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