May 13, 2009
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All these thoughts
Running around in my head
The same memory over and over again
It always reminded me of that time
That time

All these thoughts
About that time
When my companion was usually sadness
Or loneliness
When there were days that all I would do is cry
That was my life then
During that time

All these thoughts
About when he appeared
It wasn’t clear
If he was spirit or flesh and blood
If he was shadow or light
Or both combined
Flame or ice
Or both combined
He was both sides of the moon
He was a cure for my injured heart
But he also made it worse
During that time

I had all those thoughts
In that time
But that is the past
We must live in the present
Forget all the pain
Live in this moment
This moment of happiness
And forget that time
And all those thoughts
And instead I will think thoughts of you

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