May 13, 2009
By georgina cannie SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
georgina cannie SILVER, Needham, Massachusetts
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You smell like smoke
and the bonfire left ashes in your hair.

Your rough hand is on my knee.
I hope you never move it.

Your eyes aren't focused
but neither are mine.
Sleeplessness is dragging us down.

My toes are numb from cold
but my heartbeat is fervent from overwork.

Your heart is the same
I can hear it.
Banging against your chest,
even from all the way over here.

The dawn is coming
but shadows still hold your face.
Your lids are half closed
and there are bags under your eyes.

Your the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

A thousand street lamps
run past me,
as I sit in your passenger seat
with my feet on the dashboard,
and hug your letterman jacket

a little bit closer.

The gentle hum of the engine
and subtle vibration of the tires
are all I can hear
before I drift into dreams,
with your hand on my knee.

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