What Looms and Lurks?

May 13, 2009
By Claire Roggeveen BRONZE, Barrington Hills, Illinois
Claire Roggeveen BRONZE, Barrington Hills, Illinois
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Ominous unidentifiable odors

Thrashing thunderheads darkening in the distance

The smothering smoky aroma that swallows the last flicker of dying embers

Forlorn fog feeding upon its front

That which lies beneath the lazy lapping of a lethargic loch

The slinking striped stalker concealed amongst the ebony trunks of forest's shadows

Creeping centipedes crawling from crooked cellar cracks

Savage sharks circling shipwrecked survivors

Impending exams

Suspended suspicions

Worries of wayward war

Dreadful deadlines

Lamented lies fermenting in fiction

The taunting and tantalizing tick tocking of time

Slithering serpents of swaying seductions

Devouring droves of doubt

The vial venom that festers below the clammy green skin prickled with envy

Puppets of perpetual paranoia

Diabolical diseases draped with dripping disparity

Reoccurring regrets that tug and tear with teeth of toxin

Death's dangling dagger

Uncertainty of the unknown


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emj12345 said...
on Jun. 18 2009 at 7:16 pm
A vivaciously vivid verse of vocabulary.

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