In Remembrance of Queen Jane Grey

May 13, 2009
By VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
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An Innocent Shade

Queen for only days of nine
Finally reading the sign
Mother, Father and Lord Dudley
Making Queen and forcing me to marry
I be the figure and their puppet
But I shall not put up with it!
As long as this crown in on my head
I am Queen and not them
My cousin Mary has betrayed me
For a love that shall not save me
O, Gilford, even now our love is locked
As I lay my neck on the execution block
Down fell the shinning blade
And the surrounding hay stained with an innocent shade!

The author's comments:
Queen/Lady Jane Grey was only sixteen when she married and became queen. she was only queen for nine days before you cuosin "Bloody Mary" killed her.
"Lady jane" is a very good film.

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