In Remembrance of Countess Mary Lindell

May 13, 2009
By VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
VirtueValueVision DIAMOND, Holgate, Ohio
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“I want to be shot for getting a man across the boarder not failing to.” - Mary Lindell


Nurse in World War One
Having both daughter and son
Husband gone to fight for his cause
And I here doing mine, receiving no applause
The Third Reich occupies France
Yet there was some war time romance
I helping British soldiers escape
My daughter falls for a German ape
I cannot afford to have her living with me
Do I send her away, or quit what I am doing?
I am already in way over my head
Twenty feet deep water is what I tread
I cannot sacrifice the lives I save
But what if this information to her love she gave?
Here with me she cannot stay
She must leave straightaway
Many successions
And one corruption
All it took was one
To kill a man whose living had just begun
And to point fingers in my direction
I stand before my judges praying for a verdict of protection
Nine months solitary confinement was the rejoinder
Wasn’t that a shocker
Nine months have come and gone
Sickness creeping up on me, but after night will come a dawn
The Germans raid through my apartment
And finding in a little compartment
A communication device
Now out to try to kill me twice
Into hiding I go
Hush, hush no one must know
My duty calls
Charging back under fire with a squall
Caught again for goodness sake
Can I ever catch a break
I try to flee
A man fires his gun as he smiles with glee
I lay broken bodied in the hospital
In came the doctor with the proposal of something more fatal
I sign on the dotted line and follow along with game of play
Instead of being shot down I walk through Auschwitz’s gateway
At least this way I have a chance
The last thing I wanted was an execution performance
But I am strong
I shall last long
For even Auschwitz couldn’t keep a hand on me
I survived it, look at me
To some I am mad, reckless or an anythingarian
But to my country always a guardian!

The author's comments:
Mary Lindell was a brave and yet, hardly document woman. there is, however, a film with Judy davis and sam neil called "One against the wind" which is very good.

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