You Can't Write a Poem About Super Heroes

May 13, 2009
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Those are the sounds when I’m flying around.
Being a hero isn't always fun,
but you feel accomplished when the day is done.
Fighting for justice and freedom all day,
When i come to the rescue you will shout “Ho-ray”.

I’m stopping the bad guys the bad guys and runnin’ real fast,
When i punch them you will hear a blast.
When i fall fall down i get right back up,
If you ask me if Im ok I say “yup”.

I’m also very strong, as strong as an ox,
I can even lift up a huge metal box.
I have the power to make things move with my mind,
I have all the powers but I am very kind

When I go home I go right to bed.
When Im asleep i will look like I’m dead.
But in the morning a new day starts to begin,
I will have to do the job all over again

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