Hidden Love/The Love Within

May 13, 2009
By CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Blond, Bold, and Beautiful were the only words that came to mind,
Mesmerized as I stared into his gleaming blue eyes.
Left me speechless and spellbound,
Thinking of all the passionate things I could do to him right now.

He found his way into my dreams,
Pleasure and perversion taken to the extreme.
Vanilla secretions and sweet pheromones,
Brand New is the emotion I feel when i'm inside you.
He pressed his smooth body on top of mine,
His body heat radiated on me like the warm sunshine.
Our lips locked together,
Oh, how I wish this kiss would last forever.
Unfortunately, not everything is what it seems,
So, as I wake up from this dream,
River of tears flow gently down my cheeks because
I now realize that our love was never meant to be.

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