Just Because I'm Sad

May 13, 2009
By kazoua Vang BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
kazoua Vang BRONZE, Anchorage, Alaska
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Just Because Im Sad,...
Doesn't mean I'm Weak.
Doesn't mean I'm Afraid
Just Because I'm Sad,...
I'm Not Lonely,
I'm Not Selfish,
I'm Not Scared.
Just Because I'm Sad,...
Doesn't Mean I Hate You, or mad,
Doesn't mean I won't Try my Best,
Doesn't mean I'm Hurt,
Just Because I'm Sad -- I'll still Smile.

The author's comments:
This poem I love.
Because I'm also describing
how I am sometimes, and
every time I'm bored, or
something, people think I'm
sad, or look sad, And sometimes
when I Am sad, No one Knows,
Because I can still smile,... to hide the pain. =]

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