Me and You

May 13, 2009
By CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
CRAChristopherFTY PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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As you read between the lines,
You'll never know what you'll find
All those intricate words and phrases intertwined,
All those syallables and letters combined

My actions left you in dismay
Was I so hideous that you were forced to look away?
I didn't appreciate your disrespect because
No one's perfect
So It wasn't fair for you to judge me in that way

As you read between these lines,
You'll see what God had designed
You and I in the center of that bright spectrum of light
that brought us great delight, and elevated our relationship to new heights
Our passion ignited
and our souls became united
You didn't fight it
when our lips locked on together
and I knew at that point
that our love would last forever

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