Bad Hair Day

May 13, 2009
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I wake up in the morning
“It’s time for school!”
I hear my mom say
It’s seven in the morning and I really don’t want to go to school today
I say, “Five more minutes!”
She says, “Not a chance.”
So I have to get up anyway

My get dressed and eat breakfast while I am halfway asleep
My mom tells me to grab my backpack and head out the door
“But mom?”
“Not a peep.”

I get in the car and my mom asks if I am ready to leave
I say, “Okay.”
We’re pulling out of the driveway
And I think, “I really don’t want to go to school today.”

I get to school
Other students laugh
I really wonder why
You walk away
With nothing to say

I get to your first class and take a seat beside my friend
My friend asks, “What’s with the long face?”
I say, “I don’t want to be in this place. I didn’t want to come to school today.”
“Why? Is it because it’s a bad hair day?”

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