School is Cruel

May 13, 2009
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School is Cruel
I woke up for school
Wanting to swim in my pool,
Thought I felt like a fool.
Because the air is too cool,
But I had to go to school
Because it was the rule
But school is so boring that it makes me drool
I got on the yellow bus
And sit with one of my friends
I got there and forgot my writing tool
“Why does it have to be now?”
I turn to my friend and asked
“Got a pencil I can borrow?”
“No. Sorry.”
By the time for the beginning of first period
I have asked everyone
If they have an extra pencil
And all have said no
I don’t get it
Why don’t teachers just have pencil
For students in their class
Instead of bringing one?
Why does school have to be so cruel to me?

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