Goodbye to the Memories

May 13, 2009
Biting your lip and your tongue
Trying your hardest to hold back the tears
Stalling, delaying, putting it off
Goodbyes are your worst fears

Memories of infinite times
Late nights, intimate talks
Ghost stories, camp fires
Very memorable walks

Summer love and heartbreak
Sun rises, sun sets, and moon light
Let's look back on these times
Recall that everything was alright

Being one with nature
More importantly with each other
We came to be like family
Closer than sisters and brothers

But we must try to remember
This isn't goodbye
This is only temporary
But still, these tears we cry

So let's all take a group photo
Exchange e-mails, screen names, phone numbers, and addresses
Promise to keep in touch
And wave goodbye to the days we wish could last forever...

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