The Bards Tale from Demensia

May 13, 2009
By Anselm_Snow SILVER, Saint David, Maine
Anselm_Snow SILVER, Saint David, Maine
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The tale that I shall tell
Has been spoken about from heaven to hell
It is of a boy from a clan with the ring
That was said he shall be king
Although the king would not allow
And tossed the child to the prisons of Callow
He waits for the day for the Knights of far
Come looking for the new king of Knar
The day that he wait close or far away
But he waits without dismay
For the heavens know for who he is to be
And the heavens know what they shall see
Knights of the world fighting their way back
Standing against the evil that will attack
They fight for the king that should have been
Ten-thousand men of this there is no sin
They fought bravely over yonder hills
To free the king of all that ills
But with this the king had one thing to say
This life of mine has been to a splay
For I cant be king with a darkened heart
I would fall to evil just to start
But bring me a boy of the peasant life
His life must be free of hatful strife
He shall be king of the vastly poor
Breathe life into the hills of moor
That is the king that you must find
One of simple heart and simple mind
But find him quick for war is coming
The great woodland monsters are running
It is and evil that has been seen before
And much for us they have in store
But with a king that is from light
We can stand up fight
And for our new king this night

The author's comments:
The rhyme scheme is forced but is supposed to be.

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