The Fire

May 13, 2009
By Jared Arnzen BRONZE, Craigmont, Idaho
Jared Arnzen BRONZE, Craigmont, Idaho
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Harvest is on and the ground is dry
Easy work in the field
Gonna be a big harvest

A perfect sky is clouding over
A few sprinkles of rain hits the windows of the harvesters
The farmers pickup the pace to get the crop cut
Then the first bolt hits

The IDL is ready to be called
Another bolt hits and a spark hits the ground
A flame appears and it starts to sail
The farmers disc around the field to protect their crops

The fire sails across the prairie down one canyon side up the other
Swallowing the crops into its mouth and leaving nothing behind but black and ash
The fire is shrinking as if it were full and not hungry
Leaving the ground in a devastating view and never looking back

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