Stuck on Yesterday

May 13, 2009
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I'm stuck on yesterday
when you were still out.
Im stuck on thinking
that it should've worked out
you know you messed up bad
when you got in with that crew.
I couldn't beleive have the things
that he put you through.
but through it all
we're still sisters to the heart
thats why its killing me
all alone in the dark
i cant wait for the day we're no longer apart,
because your more than just my sister
your like my best friend
through the good times and the bad
you've stuck with me to the end
when i was feeling really bad
about not having our dad
to care about us enough
to watch us grow and get tough
you showed me that not
all these men are the same;
not every man's trying
to just throw me some game
by being with me
when i had my first real kiss.
i told him that he tasted
like a lifesaver on my lips
but we laughed about it
when we got home that night
i prayed to God that my sis
would always be by my side
thats why I'm stuck on yesterday.

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